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Referral Program

You Earn $10 ETH,  your friend earns $10 ETH too.

Cha-Ching For Everyone You Bring!

GlamClo will never stop rewarding its supporters. From splitting the GlamClo Studio's revenue with our holders to splitting our sales with you every time you refer a friend that mints. It's very simple. When your friend goes to mint, they will get asked if they have a referral code. After entering your referral code, we'll validate the info and within 24 hours we will send you both $10 ETH each.

How Does It Work?

1. Own at least one GlamClo NFT 
to qualify

2. Open a ticket on #referral-program 
channel on Discord to create a referral code and link your ETH wallet address

3. Your friend enters your referral code before or after they mint

4. Within 24 hours we'll validate the info and send you both $10 ETH each

Image by Alexander Shatov
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