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We're creating the best in interactive entertainment by making artwork that change the way people have fun.

Our Story

Four friends sharing the same vision in our mission to create a beautiful, diverse, empowering collection and thriving community.

Creating a welcoming environment for everyone, from new community members and collectors to rising artists and NFT aficionados is something we love pursuing. We think that the GlamCLo community can positively influence the NFT and cinematographic space when we work together. We are thrilled to journey with you all on this adventure!

What We Are About


Coming from many years of experience in the NFT industry and helping launch many projects this is our time to shine.


From building a multi-project NFT to creating our own mini-series on YT GlamClo will be a one-of-its-kind project. 


Community is our foundation. We can't emphasize that enough. From making mint FREE for the OGs to distributing the royalties back from the YT mini-series to monthly FREE ArtDrops we seek to be the NFT project that has given the most back to the community.

Meet the Founders

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